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Optics for Turkey Guns

Optics for Turkey Guns


In the world of turkey hunting shotguns, there are three primary options for optics. We will look at all three and see which one is best for you and your situation.

First is the traditional bead. Most turkey guns come with some sort of fiber optic sight on the front of the gun to aid in aiming. Some come with an adjustable rear sight as well. But for us, this is as simple as it gets. A well lit fiber optic sight on the front of the gun has killed a lot of turkeys. It is simple, unfailing and affordable.

The second and arguably the most popular magnified optics for turkey hunters are what are known as the ‘Red Dot’ sights. These low magnification optics use a battery fueled light in the center of the optics to place on the turkey. Basically, where the dot is looking is where the gun will hit. These are especially popular with those with fading eyesight. (Insert my name here). The red dot sights are inexpensive, and simple to set up. Costing for most below $200.00 these are great options for most hunters. Some new red dot optics come in a traditional looking scope configuration while others are taking on a more modern look with fast target acquisition capabilities.

The third option is the traditional scope. A magnified sight with typical cross hair aiming point inside the scope. With a wide variety of size, magnification and price range this style offers the most options for hunters.

As hunters get older more and more are opting for quality optics for their turkey guns. Even though most shotguns are not drilled and tapped for optics, it is easily done by a trained gun smith. If you decide to use optics, see if you can test some to find which are best for you.