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Packs for Hunting



Packs for Hunting

PR - Colorado 2014Hunters and outdoorsmen and women all have a lot of gear to transport into the field. Whether you are hunting turkey’s, deer, hogs, or something else the amount of gear we carry is essential to the game. Getting the gear there is just as important.

There are basically two styles of packs for getting your gear to the stand or field. The fanny pack and backpack.  Both of these come in an array of styles, shapes and configurations. Selecting the right one for you can make a so-so hunt into a great hunt.

Recently I had the pleasure of testing two different styles of packs. One a full frame backpack and the other a modular fanny pack. Both were outstanding. Let’s look at these in detail and see how they performed.  Alps Traverse 1

The full frame pack is the Traverse by Alps Outdoorz. This pack is so easy to carry, that loads of over forty pounds seemed like mere ounces. This pack has several adjustments for different trunk sizes, full modular adjustments on the shoulder starps and belt. I carried full loads several miles on a recent elk hunt and never had any fatigue caused by the pack. Moreover, this large carrying capacity make carrying enough gear a snap. Perhaps one of the best features is the side – spotting scope pocket and adjacent tripod compartment. These compartments protect a full size spotting scope and when not in use provided a great compartment for our food. The tripod compartment was large enough for a small stool to carry along for more comfort sitting.

This pack also expands and includes a large carrying area for hauling meat, decoys, or other large items. But perhaps the best feature is the ability to haul your bow or gun securely to the pack itself. When walking for miles in the dark to get to a stand, the added security of carrying your bow or rifle on the pack means less fatigue when you arrive.


Pathfinder by Alps Outdoorz

The other pack I tested was also by Alps Outdoorz and is without question the finest pack I have ever used, tested or bought. The Pathfinder by Alps Outdoors is a modular fanny pack, that within seconds can be expanded a full 1900 inches to include a back pack compartment. This pack is so easy to carry that the load feels more like a vest than a pack. The padded shoulder straps, and waist belt are very comfortable and make it a cinch to carry. Two large storage pockets, along with several smaller pockets on the belt and outside make accessing your important items quickly.

This pack retails for just over one hundred dollars and I cannot say strong enough that is the best money you will spend on a pack.

Both packs come with a pocket for a bladder and access port for the hose. This alone proved essential when hydration was critical.


Packs are essential equipment for hunters. When buying a pack, consider comfort, storage capacity and ability to access items within the pack. For my money, I will never get another pack that is not made by Alps Outdoorz.