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Pre-Rut Movements


Pre Rut Tactics


There has been, for lack of a better word, a phenomenon circling the last few years. This phenomenon, some say was created by some television personalities to boost ratings. This is what they termed the “October lull”. A time period where the bucks simply do not move, they lay low waiting for the rut. Interestingly, for generations the pre-rut has always been a prime time to hunt these bucks and within the last five or six years, this “lull” emerged.

Personally and without any scientific data, I have always dismissed this as nonsense. For over 35 years I have focused on the pre-rut more than the actual rut itself. This seems to be when bucks respond more to rattling, calling and are moving looking for receptive does.

Well, finally some scientist have supported my theory with hard data. Basically using GPS collard bucks they track the movements of bucks and have completely dismissed the idea of an “October lull”. In fact the data shows just the opposite that bucks move more during the pre-rut. Below are some charts I am copying from the QDMA website that virtually eliminates the theory of the October lull. click on the picture to enhance the image or you can read the whole story by clicking the link below.

The whole story can be read here.