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Preferred Deer Forage

It’s important to know what kinds of food to make available to deer on your South Carolina hunting land.  In areas of the United States, there is only one kind of food available for deer during certain times of the year.  However, South Carolina is less likely to have times with scarcity of food, so keeping preferred forages on your hunting land is strongly encouraged.  Whitetails will eat many different types of plants, crops, trees, etc., but have shown preferences in studies done by the QDMA.

These studies have found the top foods deer prefer by region.  In the Southeast, the top deer foods are American beautyberry, beggar’s lice, brambles (blackberries, etc.), grapes, greenbriar, honeysuckle, poison ivy, pokeweed, ragweed, and strawberry bush.

By taking this information into consideration when planting or adding forage to your South Carolina, North Carolina, or Georgia hunting land, you’re giving your hunting land a better chance of holding deer.  It’s important to remember that if your hunting land doesn’t have what whitetails are looking for, they will simply move on to other properties until they find it.