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Protecting Your Food Plot

Food is the most important thing in a buck’s life.  For this reason, you absolutely cannot ignore the benefits of planting food plots if you’re hoping for big bucks on your South Carolina hunting land this fall.

You might say that planting food plots is too expensive or too difficult.  Once you get them planted, many times deer will come right away and overbrowse and destroy your entire plot.  If you want to prevent overbrowsing of your food plot before it reaches maturity, you must establish a barrier or other form of protection for your plants.  Mature, healthy plants can take much more than brand new sprouts.

There are a few different options for protecting all your hard work.  Some food plot protectants include liquids to spray around the perimeter of your garden, strong-odored fertilizers to place around the plot, and odored fence ribbons that are known to repel deer.

Possibly the best solution for protecting your food plot from overbrowsing is a simple dual-perimeter electric fence.  These fences are relatively easy to put up and can be done by one person.  Gallagher makes these fences and allows you to buy products individually so you only buy what you need.  The way these fences work is that a deer will see that there are two fences to jump over.  When they get up close to the first fence to gauge the distance, they will probably rub up against it and get a shock.  This will deter them from attempting to jump that fence again.

Spending a little bit extra on a fence is very worthwhile.  The time and money you spend planting soybeans, peas, etc. will certainly make you want to protect them.  Of course the first step to having the freedom to plant your own food plots and install fences around them to draw huge bucks is to purchase your own South Carolina hunting property!  Call Elliott Recreational Properties to schedule a showing.