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Realtree Camo

If you’re in the market for some fantastic camouflage for hunting your South and North Carolina hunting land, check out the different camo patterns at Realtree.com. They have 8 pattern options to pick from, depending on the type of hunting land you have. Their High Definition printing process and 3D effects make their camo the best you can buy.
The Realtree AP camo pattern is incredibly lifelike with overlapping limbs and hazy backgrounds for a great 3D effect. It has a light gray neutral base that melts into open terrain. The light and dark contrasting pine and hardwoods look will blend into forests everywhere. Realtree AP Blaze has the same great elements but with a bright orange open background. Realtree AP Snow also has these same great elements, but with a snow-colored base.
Realtree APG has a lighter pattern than Realtree AP with olive green accents. This camo is ideal for turkey hunting in the early fall and spring.
Realtree Max-1 combines earth tones, prairie grasses, brush, rock, sage and open zones with shadow details. This camo is perfect for hunting whitetail deer and turkey in croplands.
Realtree Max-4 wetlands camo is an incredible balance of cattails, millet, milo, cornstalks, sunflowers, oak, maple leaves, cedar and oak limbs, and several other forms of plant life. It is one of the most successful duck hunting patterns ever designed.
Realtree Hardwoods Green HD is a perfect multi-seasonal camo for whenever green is visible. It has great HD hardwoods with an earthy background and green and tan leaves.
Finally, Realtree’s Advantage Timber camo line offers more leaf colors than any other camo. It is incredibly realistic and blends into any wooded setting. Advantage Timber camo is great for tree stands as well as ground blinds.
Check out all of the amazing effectiveness photos these different types of camouflage offer on Realtree.com.