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SC Hunting Land Food Plots

SC Hunting Land Food Plots

Depending on the size of your hunting land, you’ll want to adjust the nature and size of your food plots.  If you have a large hunting tract, you might want to have a couple of large food plots, about 4 acres each in the center of your property.  Because of their size, these should be easy to grow soybeans and corn on each year.  Clover plots and areas of clover mixed with alfalfa can be dynamite for intercepting afternoon whitetails.  Placing a Banks Blind in the center of a 60-yard-wide strip of clover has proven to be very successful.

If you don’t have access to large tractors or farm equipment to properly manage a 4 acre food plot, you can have several small food plots.  You can grow grains such as oats, wheat and rye or small vegetables like purple top turnips or fruits like blackberry, apricot, plum, apple and grapes.  You could take care of this land using a Hunt Ve 4WD with light farming attachments if need be.

If you have the opportunity, plant fruit trees in 1 acre orchards around your property.  Deer will definitely be attracted to these areas when the fruit begins falling during hunting season.  Finally, if you can, add a waterhole near your food plots to keep the deer on your hunting land.