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Scent-free Hunting in South Carolina

Scent-free Hunting in South Carolina

By far the most important of the 5 senses for deer is their sense of smell.  Sight is relatively easy to overcome with Realtree camoflauge and sound is just a matter of being careful with your movements.  They can smell scents from much farther away than humans, and for that matter, can smell humans from far away.  Human scents can make deer very nervous and the stronger the scent, the more likely they are to leave the area altogether.  Most whitetails’ travel routes are based around wind currents and adding a human odor to that makes them very alert to their surroundings.  That’s why it is so important to keep your hunting equipment scent-free, as long as possible, before you go out hunting.

The most effective system we’ve found out there is the Scent-Lok System.  The Scent-Lok System includes pants, jacket, headgear, socks, and gloves as well as a field spray.  Before touching any of your hunting gear, spray your hands and boots with the Scent-Lok formula.  Your Scent-Lok gear should stay in an airtight container when not in use.  After using your Scent-Lok hunting gear for about 40 hours, you simply place it all in the dryer to reactivate.  It’s a very simple, yet very effective system.  If you use the Scent-Lok advantage every time you go out on your South Carolina hunting land, you’ll notice a difference.