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Selecting a Good Ax


As modern man continues to evolve, we also see our tools evolving. Yet there is one tool that still holds a place in the hands of men who live for the outdoors. Ever since the stoneage, human beings have devised ways to cut and chop wood for further use. Be it, making fire wood, building shelter or other tools the use of a good axe is definitely something that all outdoorsmen need to understand.

When researching this story, I first found it difficult to fully understanding the spelling of ax. Ironically some spell this ancient tool with an ‘e’ on the end. I have determined that this comes from the old English spelling of the word. Since I am neither old, nor English, I will defer to the simpler spelling of ax. That being said, when it comes to selecting a good ax there are a few simple things to keep in mind. First and foremost, what is the ax intended use? While this may seem simple at first, its important to note that there are felling axes. Those used to chop down trees. There are chopping axes that are used to split wood into manageable sizes. There are double bit axes, wedge axes, single bit axes, camping axes, boy’s ax, and lastly the hatchet which is the smallest of all.

For our conversation I will keep it as simple as I can. Beginning with the felling ax. This ax typically has a long handle designed to generate speed and power to the ax head. It is not atypical to see handles in excess of three feet on a good felling ax. The head of a felling ax will normally weigh between 3.5 and 5 pounds with most being on the lower end of this spectrum. The head will be long with a broad cutting edge and the face of the ax will be designed to made deep chops into the wood without getting stuck.

The chopping ax is really designed to split wood into manageable sizes. This is common when cutting firewood for a fireplace or heat stove. The chopping ax will have a shorter cutting face and generally weight between five and twenty pounds with most being in the twelve pound range. Some of these double as a sledge hammer or maul with a sledge hammer on one face and a cutting edge on the other. This allows double duty when using a wedge to get through the bigger logs.

A personal favorite is the double bit ax. This ax is designed to have a cutting edge on both sides of the face. I really like the double bit ax when there is a lot of chopping to be done. It allows for the person to switch sides of the ax when one side gets dull or there is an accidental contact with a hard object. The double bit ax is perhaps the most functional of all axes available. These will have heads weighing around 3.5 to 5 pounds and long straight handles.

The camping ax is a great all around tool. Coming in at 2.5 pounds with an 18-24” handle this little tool can do it all. From cutting kindling, shooting lanes, to pounding in stakes around the tent it is a great all around tool to have around. Many outdoorsmen will prefer the use of a good boys ax to that of a full sized given the chance. Many brands are offered in the camping ax, with Estwing, Plumb, and Council being some of the finest. Gerber and SOG also make a camping ax that is similar in style.

Lastly is the hatchet. Many a boy had his first introduction with cutting tools with a  small two pound hatchet. This all around tool is designed for light cutting and general handy work around the farm.

All land owners and managers are amiss if they do not carry a good ax in their truck all of the time. It is the one tool that I would choose when and if I needed a tool. A good ax is the best survival tool, and the best all-around tool for all outdoorsmen. If you have a chance to get a good ax, take your time and select one that will last for generations. You will not be disappointed.