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Selecting the best UTV



UTV, Side by side, machine, whatever you call it, they have in many ways revolutionized the way work gets done on the farm and hunting lands. The term, UTV stands for Utility Vehicle. A derivative of the ATV (All-terrain vehicle) the UTV changes the game in many ways. First is the machine uses the same four wheels and a similar engine. That is where the similarities end. Most UTV’s are really work horses and not built for play. (Although some brands have introduced models designed more for play than work. Our focus is on the work horses) Thee machines have either two or three seats, some have two rows of seats and can carry six people! They tend to have some sort of bed that in many cases can be tilted to empty. Steering wheels replace handle bars. Pedals for accelerating and stopping. The UTV is a great machine for the landowner and manager. It is capable of doing so much more than a typical ATV.

Not to knock any ATV or their usage, but the UTV is far superior for what it does. These machines are typically big, too big to meander through the woods unimpeded. Heavy, and bulky. Most need a trailer to move from one place to another.

Some of the similarities offered are horsepower, tilting beds, hydraulic lift assist beds. Basic models also come with a top. Accessories are extensive and can be as expensive as you want them to be. Some UTV’s have very elaborate accessories including, cab enclosures, diamond plate roofs, basket racks for the front. Gun racks everywhere. Glass windshields, fold down windshields and even a few come in diesel.

Most of the sportsmen that I know that have one or more of these, all have some sort of package for the working man in all of us. Tilt beds, roof for sun protection. A winch, some have a bench seat others have only two. Basket racks in the front, and a bed in the back. Some models have some real nice features that separate them from the pack. Whether it is a tow hitch, chainsaw rack, large lift kit, power steering. These machines are truly work horses. But their price is almost that of a small 4×4 truck.

Many UTV’s are in the $20,000 range and some are slightly more. Most are in the 12,000-17,000 range without options. When you add the options, you have just plunged past twenty grand.

Some of my friends have opted to buy small trucks or old jeeps instead. They can drive them on the road and they will do everything the UTV will do with a lot more power and street legal.

This may sound like I am not in favor of the UTV. On the contrary, I love these machines and would like to have two more to use.

Selecting the right UTV is largely a matter of cost and function. Find the most function you need within your budget and you will not regret getting one for your land.