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Selecting the Proper Draw Weight


It has been proven that too many male archers believe that testosterone kills more deer than good shot placement. I have proven this by the fact that so many men are still shooting bows with draw weights at 70 and even 80 pounds. When the fact of the matter is, that I know personally, and have seen video evidence of females who shoot completely trough deer while shooting barely over forty pounds.

So how does someone answer the question “what is the proper draw weight for me?” To make it simple, I tell new archers, “pick a weight you can draw without making a face.” Meaning if you have to struggle to draw it, it’s too heavy. In the heat of the moment, when your adrenalin is flowing, you will not be able to draw on a deer nor hold it when the deer doesn’t present a shot immediately. Start lighter than you think you need, and then move up from there until you are comfortable. For most grown men, this is usually around fifty five pounds. My personal comfortable level is at 61 pounds.

Once you have determined what is comfortable, now you can turn down the poundage several pounds to build up your muscles. With so many options available today, there is no need for high poundage to effectively kill deer. Bigger broadheads, smaller diameter arrows and great release aids all help to lower poundage on our bows and make hunting more comfortable.

Check in your state since some have a minimum poundage for hunting with a bow and arrow, this is usually around forty pounds so you should still be good before heading out.

One method I use to test the comfort of a draw weight is by holding the bow towards the target, can you draw the bow without raising your bow arm? If you can draw the bow straight back without having to move your bow arm, you are where you need to be. Remember, when a deer is standing at fifteen yards, you want as little movement as possible, being able to draw your bow slowly and with as little movement as possible, you have a greater chance of killing that deer.

If you are going to err on poundage, err on the side of lighter rather than heavier. Remember that proper arrow placement is far more important than how fast the arrow flies or how much weight you can pull. Testosterone never killed a single deer, good shot placement will every time. Find a weight that is comfortable and stick with it.