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September Wing Shooting Opportunities



With the beginning of September, so to the migratory bird hunting season. Per federal law, no migratory bird season may begin before September 1st. With the onset of September, three bird seasons open.

The season most are familiar with is mourning dove. The opening of dove season for many is the opening of the hunting season. The dove shoot is for many the initiation into hunting. Mostly a social affair, the dove shoot is a great event in the south.



Large agriculture fields with cereal grains, sun flowers, sorghum, corn, and brown top millet all are favorite fields to hunt doves over. Without question the best of the best is sunflowers. Nothing draws doves like the sunflower, everything else is support. Limits of fifteen birds are available for dove hunters. With split seasons it’s imperative that hunters read the rule to know when the season is actually open. The first week of the season typically open at noon. With the rest of the season opening a sunrise.

In addition to dove season, for waterfowl hunters, September spells the opening of their season.  Blue wing teal, and resident goose season open in September.  Blue wing Teal are almost exclusively along the coast. Resident geese on the other hand are virtually everywhere. What once was a novelty, the resident geese have become quite the nuisance in many locals across the southeast. Goose hunters can take fifteen birds a day throughout the thirty day season.

Hunting resident geese is not difficult the first half of the season, the birds are basically unafraid of humans at the onset, large reservoirs hold plenty of geese. Lakes Marion, Moultrie, Murray, Greenwood, Wateree, all hold large populations of resident geese. The easiest method of hunting them is to locate their midday resting locations and wait for them to come join you for their siesta. Other methods that is not as common, but just as effective is hunting their feeding grounds. This method typically is a three shot fury. When the flock arrives, hunters shoot, and the geese leave. Seldom do other geese join in the feeding area. This makes reservoirs more effective. With populations scattered all along the reservoir hunters can search for resting flocks. By motoring into coves, the geese will swim to the back end of the cove. Slowly moving along. Turn off your motor, raise the motor from the water to be legal and wait. The geese will get nervous and in a few minutes will fly out of the cove right over your head.Up CLose _2

This practice can be repeated throughout the day at different locations across the reservoir. Make sure to check local game laws for hunting close to houses, residences and marina’s.

September offers a lot of opportunities for the wingshooter. Now is the time to get out there and try your efforts at shooting wild fowl.