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Setting Up Your New Bow


Yesterday I received a delivery; a new Quest Primal bow, G5 – Optix XR Sight, with a Meta Peep, and G5-Expert Pro rest. There is nothing that gets an archer pumped up more than getting a new bow. I am no different, the look of the Quest Primal is impressive, with the fade color scheme, it’s really a work of art. Couple this with the blue/black string, and twin cams, it is really a sharp looking bow.

Quest Primal Bow with Accessories

After an initial inspection, I took it to my nearest bow shop to have some of the items installed. The new Expert Pro rest with its reverse tension is really a cool design and one I know I will enjoy. Getting the rest installed, the string loop, peep sight adjusted to my stature all made the paper tuning turn out rather well. Unfortunately I left the shop without shooting through the chronograph, so I am not sure what speed its shooting, but I will definitely get back and do that soon.

Like a lot of archers, tweaking, and tuning is something I really enjoy. I lowered the draw weight just a bit, setting it at 66 lbs, fine tuning the draw length to 28.5” and adjusted the sights. Now I was ready to start shooting. Let me say without question the Quest Primal is a great shooting bow. It has a smooth draw, the cams turning over are barely noticeable, and holding at full draw is very bearable. As archers know, hunting with a bow is a great commitment. And while a lot of equipment is capable of bagging a mature whitetail, having equipment you are confident in is essential to your success. Nothing can make a hunter more sick, than getting that opportunity you have worked so hard for, only to have equipment failure.

When possible, get the best equipment you can afford. While there are a lot of good items out there, for my money, it’s hard to beat the Optix XR site from G5. This site has it all; micro adjustments allow for very sensitive fine tuning on both individual pins, and the whole site for both windage and elevation. Plus the floating bottom pin allows for the hunter to adjust to the target beyond their normal pin settings. It is perhaps the finest site out there.

Through the Sight

Bowhunters are beginning now getting ready for the coming season. We are spending the summer getting muscles into shape, fine tuning our equipment, and shooting at every possible moment. Some are competing in 3D competitions to maintain that high level of proficiency. It’s encouraging to know that bow hunters are dedicated to their sport and maintaining a level of competence not seen in other elements of the hunting community.

As I get this new bow dialed in, more will come on the details of setting up a bow and getting it ready for the coming season.