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Shed Hunting

Hunting shed antlers is a great outdoor sport in the offseason.  It’s another reason to get you out on your SC hunting property and an even greater reason to practice quality deer management.

Whitetail deer shed their antlers every winter, usually around February, but can be as early as December or as late as April.  Bucks don’t need antlers during this time since they don’t need to fight for territory or compete for does.  If you have Reconyx trail cameras on your SC hunting land, be sure to check the cameras and see if the bucks have begun to shed their antlers.  If bucks in your area tend to shed earlier, it’s important to go out shed hunting then.  Most of the time antlers won’t last very long on the ground, as mice, squirrels, porcupines and other animals will gnaw them down to nothing in short order.

There are many shed antler hunters aren’t even deer hunters. They’re just interested in the sport of searching for and retrieving antlers.  Some farmers will encourage shed antler hunting in their fields, since shed antlers can pierce and ruin expensive tractor tires and other farm equipment.  Some people even use antlers as art and for home pieces like chandeliers.  In this case, QDM is just as, or more, important to the non-hunters than the deer hunters.  These individuals want to see antlers grow larger and larger each year as well.

If you’re interested in hunting shed antlers, there are a few things to keep in mind.  When you go out in the woods, make sure you don’t focus on looking at rubs and scrapes instead of looking at the ground.  Many times antlers will blend in well with their surroundings, particularly in fields with tan and brown grasses and you won’t see them until you’re within a few feet.  Check for shed antlers near food plots and in bedding areas, if you wish to venture there.  It’s also a good idea to look for shed antlers in areas where deer jump and land, such as fences, creek drainages, etc., since this can jostle the antlers loose.

If you are involved in proscribed spring burns on your native grassland areas, be sure to look for sheds after you perform a burn.  Most of the time the antlers you find will be in perfect condition even after solid hot burns.

The new rage in shed hunting is the use of shed dogs.  Many dog breads can be taught to search for antlers; from retrievers to labs to hounds.  Bloodhounds and Bavarian Mountain Hounds have some of the keenest noses for finding shed whitetail antlers.  Creating your own master-hunter shed dog can be a very rewarding hobby.  There are many articles and resources available on the Internet related to shed dogs and training.  What could be more fun than searching your land for sheds with your faithful companion?