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Sporting Dogs Part 8: All others


As we conclude the series on sporting dogs (except for one more) I wanted to cover all of the other breeds I omitted. I know I have made some angry when I didn’t mention their breed of choice. But there are hundreds of breeds available for sportsmen and women. Whether you prefer hunting upland hills and dales, open fields and prairie. Of joy comes to you while listening to a race between a rabbit and some beagles. Chasing lions through the mountain west or plodding along behind English pointers in southern plantations. There is a breed for you.

Many sportsmen find more joy in the companionship of their water dog than in the killing of waterfowl. Others, stride along through hardwood mountains killing squirrels as they scamper from Mountain Cur or Feist dogs.

Hunting with a dog just makes the day better. There is something about drool marks on your duck coat. Loose hair gathering in the defrost of your truck, and nose marks on your windshield. Joy is often found, not in trophies gathered, or travels from continent to continent rather it is found by sharing life’s most precious moments while in the companionship of a dog. For sportsmen who spend thousands of hours and countless dollars pursuing game, the time afield is most enjoyed while in the company of a dog. Dogs make our time afield more successful and enjoyable. Regardless of the breed or style of dog you use or prefer. Spending time afield with a canine is time well spent.

Next we will look at a process of selecting a sporting dog for yourself using a system I designed for those who have no prejudice before selecting a breed.