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Stand Placement

When considering where to place your stand, be sure to take advantage of all tools available to you. Successful hunters use RECONYX Trail Cameras. Why waste time wondering if this is the right spot when you can know when, where and which bruiser is frequenting your food plot or walking that trail. Put the odds in your favor; know that buck’s core area and put yourself on his path and schedule.

Once you’ve determined his travel pattern, place multiple LONE WOLF Tree Stands in different locations within the buck’s range long before season opens. This will allow the hunter to take advantage of different wind directions. Hardwood draws, funnels, edges of bedding areas, water sources and edges of food sources are all excellent locations for LONE WOLF Tree Stands.

If hang-on type stands are not an option, consider BANKS BLINDS. In some cases, where a more permanent, comfortable stand is required, BANKS BLINDS is the answer. These blinds offer the hunter comfort, complete concealment and better scent control. In some cases where that perfect tree may not be available or grand dad just can’t sit in a hang-on, BANKS BLINDS are the answer.