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The Best Vest


Turkey hunters and fly fishermen have the same problem. Their vests are so specific they are not good for anything else. Most weight anywhere between fifteen and twenty pounds with gear. An assortment of box calls, pot calls and a dozen strikers. Trumpet calls, wingbone, diaphragms of all styles and varieties, ammunition, and more ammunition. Bottles of water, snacks, cushions or chairs.

A turkey vest is as personal as underwear. I would never dream of putting on someone else’s underwear, so I know I would not even think about using someone else’s turkey vest. They are as individual as the person who bought it. There is no such thing as a one size fits all turkey vest. The pockets need to be customized. Snaps replaced with magnets or buttons. Zippers exchanged for plastic or buttons. All Velcro removed. (Velcro is designed by anti-hunters who know the sound of Velcro immediately sends game scurrying on all directions.

Primos, Ole Tom, Mossy Oak, Cableas, Bass Pro, DSD, Avian X all make decent vests. But it really comes down to preference. Personally, I prefer two box call holsters, a good pocket to hold two to three pot calls, and ample room for a dozen or more strikers. Pockets for water, a thick water proof cushion and back pad.

Regardless of which style you prefer, get one and stick with it. It helps to know that your vest has everything you need in it when the moment arises.