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Thermacell – Best Invention of the 21st Century!

Hunters all across the south are faced with a delima when early season rolls around.

Thermacell in Holster

How are we going to fight off the onslaught of mosquito’s? For decades it involved one of two methods.

1. Offering a blood sacrifice to the mosquito gods in exchange for the hope of seeing and killing a deer.

2. Spray down with some sort of repellent and hope deer didn’t smell you in the process.

Now we have an alternative. Thermacell. The Thermacell insect repellent has in my mind revolutionized the hunting industry as much as the self contained cartridge did a century ago.  The Thermacell is a butane activated scent that literally repels mosquitoes, black flies and other flying and biting insects within a 15 sq ft area. Covering the hunter while on stand.

My Thermacell is THE most important piece of equipment I have in the early season. (Outside of my weapon of course)

By lighting the Thermacell appliance, I will have hours of worry free hunting. It’s as if there are no mosquitoes at all!

Here in South Carolina, as well as other southern states, our deer season (and other seasons) open in Mid august or early September, the bugs are very prevalent during this early season. Nothing makes for a more miserable hunt than the constant buzzing and droning of mosquitoes around your head-net. The constant swatting, slapping and slurping of these little irritants makes for a miserable hunt. No More! With the development of the Thermacell appliance, the worry of bugs is gone for good.

I have talked with many a deer hunter who refuses to use these, for fear the deer will smell them. My experience shows that deer are impervious to this device. I have had many deer withing archery range and be directly down wind of the device and never know I was there. In short, you stand a better chance of not spooking game by using a Thermacell than by soaking sown with spray repellent or by not using anything.

While this may sound like a plug for a sponsor, I assure you its not. I am not sponsored by Thermacell or any of their companies. But I will say that for me, their product has totally changed the way I hunt. No more am I unwilling to hunt in the swamps, the creek bottoms or along the thickets where mosquitoes call home. Prior to the invention of this item, I saved these places for the cold weather often missing out on some of the best hunting.

If you don’t have one, get one! Light it before you get to your stand so its already warmed up when you arrive and you will believe the mosquitoes have become extinct! Now I will plug one accessory, the holster is a must have. This carrying device allows me to strap it to my turkey vest and remain mobile while turkey hunting, and also allows me to hang it from my tree stand with no fear of accidently kicking it off of my stand.

One butane cartridge will last for at least 12 hours and the mats for around 4 hours. More than enough time per hunt. Plus the handy holster has pockets to carry extras, and I always have plenty.

If you are going to forget something while deer hunting this early season, forget the toilet paper, the skinning knife, your compass, but don’t leave home without a Thermacell.