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Tree Stand Placement

Using maps and spending time on your South Carolina hunting land will give you a good idea of where to hang your tree stand. Which tree to use is just as important as the location of your tree stand. The most important consideration in positioning your tree stand is to make sure you are downwind of where you expect the animals to appear. It is extremely important that none of your scent is blowing into your hunting area.
You can also increase your odds of scoring regardless of the wind direction by selecting stand sites on opposite sides of the travel route. A good height from the ground for your tree stand is approximately 18 feet, give or take a few feet depending on the situation. Getting higher is not a good thing, as it will increase your shot angle relative to the vital area of whitetail deer. A double-lung hit is the goal. Whitetails can go a long way on one lung. Trees that will break up your silhouette but also give you enough room to fully draw your bow or raise your gun properly in various directions and angles are best. You may need to do some pruning to ensure proper shooting openings, particularly in the directions where you expect to shoot most often. Portable tree stands are light, easy to set up, comfortable enough and do not take away from the natural beauty of your hunting land in South Carolina.
Since it is very dangerous to attempt to climb a tree and hold your Bear Archery bow and Rocket Broadheads all at the same time, it’s a good idea to hang a cord from your tree stand in order to pull up and lower your equipment. Possibly your most important piece of equipment is your Hunter Safety System belt to prevent falls.
Before attempting to locate a good place for your tree stand, make sure you take the time to review your maps and spend time in the field getting to know the lay of your land so you choose the best possible place.