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Turkey Gear Part 1

          If there is one thing that turkey hunters have in common it is the plethora of gear that we “need” in order to kill turkeys. Other than fly fishermen, I would guess that the turkey hunter has more gear than any other type of hunter. But there are some items we just cannot do without. Other than the basic weapons and calls, let’s look at some other essentials that all turkey hunters need.

First is the clothing; as turkey hunting is getting underway so too is the warmer weather. With the warmer weather is the need for lightweight camouflage. In all of my years of hunting, I have not found any light weight clothing that even comes close to the new offerings from 10X. The company is reinventing itself with some of the best lightweight clothing on the market. Available in different camouflage patterns, the 10X Ultra-light pullover and pants is so light it feels like it is not even on! These are without question the best available for lightweight gear.

Facemask and Gloves – I recently discovered the OL TOM Technical Turkey Gear. Their half face mask is a perfect companion to the 10X camouflage clothing. Couple this with their gloves and you have a perfect hiding system. Hunting in the south mostly, the half facemask is essential due to the heat.

Vest: Ol Tom did it again with their vest. No turkey hunter is ever complete without their vest with its vast array of pockets. A variety of places to store pot calls, strikers, box calls, mouth calls, the Ol Tom vest is a great choice.

Another vest that is worth looking at is the Primos vest, with different models to choose from, make sure you get the ones with the zippers and magnets, there is no place for snaps or Velcro in the turkey woods.

Chair or cushion: most vests come with a build in cushion for sitting comfort. Veteran turkey hunters know that often times sitting for several hours is essential to killing mature birds. The foam cushions are great for long sits, but so too are the air cushion seats. A few years ago, I made the switch to a chair for hunting turkeys. And nothing even comes close to the Browning Strutter Turkey chair is without question the most comfortable hunting chair I have ever used. This chair makes it possible to sit in one place for hours in total comfort. It is so great that I often use it around camp and for other hunting. It is lightweight and folds for easy transport.

Boots: During the early season, snakes are beginning to come out for the spring, this causes many hunters to choose to use snake boots when turkey hunting. Depending on where you are in the state and country. The most dangerous snakes this time of year are rattlesnakes. No one wants to tangle with a rattlesnake, and the peace of mind the snake boots provide will for many make a difference. I will confess that I wore them for years, and have stopped wearing them. Even though I have had encounters with rattlesnakes during turkey season.

If snake boots are not for you, then you will definitely need rubber/water proof boots during the spring. Water proof boots are a necessity for most hunting, and the rubber boot, or full waterproof boot that is at or close to the knee is a good choice for many. The Under Armor Haw’Madillo knee boot is a great choice. For durability and comfort the UA boots are a great choice. Other brands that offer great boots for turkey season include Muck Boots. With a good selection to choose from the Muck Boots are also a great choice.