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Turkey’s Love the Rain


          When it comes to hunting in general and Turkey hunting in particular one thing is certain. Hunters hate the rain, and the birds love the rain. Many a turkey has lived another day because hunters gave up because they were fed up getting wet. While on the drive home they look into fields and pastures and see Tom’s in full display as if taunting them.

When April showers arrive, turkeys will head to the nearest fields, pastures, open areas in search of insects for dinner. As the rain begins to soak into the tall grass of the fields, small insects begin climbing up the stalks of grass and plants to escape the rising water below. This makes an easy meal for turkeys searching for more than just seeds and acorns. Hunters should use this knowledge to their advantage.

One method of adverting the rain is the use of portable blinds. Most of today’s blinds are at least rain resistant if not fully rain proof. Setting one up in a likely location will keep the hunters dry and present the possibility of an ambush. Perhaps the best method when using a blind is to set up a full decoy spread. This consists of three of more hens and a couple of jake decoys in for good measure. The Jake decoys like the “Killer B” from Primos is a jake in full strut that drives mature birds crazy. Minimal calling is needed. Get the birds attention and wait for them to notice the jake strutting among the hens and get your finger on the safety.

If hunting out of blinds isn’t your cup of tea, I would suggest a good rain suit, mouth calls – Leave everything else at home, and be mobile. Use your binoculars to locate birds feeding in the fields. Make a note of their direction of travel, circle around and get into position for them to feed past. A few soft purrs, gentle clucks and maybe one light weight decoy is all that’s needed other than a good dose of patience. However one benefit of hunting the fields, is you can see the birds a long way off and the anticipation keeps time traveling so you aren’t as likely to get impatient.

If ever there was a true statement about hunting in the rain, it simply that the rain doesn’t bother the turkeys near as much as it bothers hunters. For those that can tough it out and endure, the rewards are long beards and hooks to hang a hat on.