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Using Deer Calls on your NC hunting land

Deer Calls

There are many different deer calls to test on your North Carolina hunting land and it depends on what type of deer you are attempting to attract to determine which call to use.  Some deer calls include the Alarm Call, the Agonistic Call, the Maternal/Neonatal Call, the Mating Call and the Contact Call.

Deer use the Alarm or Distress Call when they want to alert other deer of danger, such as when they are injured, trapped, or when they are just afraid.

Does and fawns use the Maternal/Neonatal call to communicate with one another.  The Maternal Grunt sounds the same as other grunts; many times it will attract bucks instead of just her fawn.

There are several types of Agonistic Calls.  The first is the Grunt, which is the first level of aggression, which is used often and will attract any deer.  The second level is the Grunt-Snort, which is used during buck conflicts, usually during the breeding season, and will attract other bucks.  Rattling at the same time as using a Grunt-Snort call will sound like bucks fighting to other deer.  The third level is the Grunt-Snort-Wheeze, which is used by bucks before a fight, and will usually only attract dominant bucks.

Mating Calls can attract bucks looking for does, particularly dominant bucks, who may want to find out what other buck is in the area.  Younger bucks may not be attracted to these calls, attempting to steer clear of a dominant buck.

Contact Calls, also known as Social Grunts are generally used to locate other deer.  Bucks, as well as any other deer, will respond to these calls.

Depending on the season and what type of deer you are looking to attract, you can try any of the different calls to attract bucks or the Alarm Call to attract does.  There are many deer calls available on the market to test on your hunting land.