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Whitetail Properties Marketing

Elliott Recreational Properties is partnered with Whitetail Properties to promote our recreational property listings in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia to prospective buyers across the nation.

National Marketing

Whitetail Properties unites buyers and sellers through their team of recreational Land Specialists, representing the highest level of integrity and service. They achieve this union by providing a comprehensive national marketing campaign which includes television, electronic and print media, networking and agent relations. Whitetail Properties invests a great amount of its resources in marketing real estate to hunters, sportsmen, outdoor enthusiast, potential buyers, sellers and investors from across the country. Hunting properties are their specialty and we take pride in matching the needs of buyers and sellers with the services provided through this team of real estate professionals.


Whitetail Properties TV is a show designed to turn hunting dreams to reality. Transforming an average piece of land into a true whitetail paradise requires time, energy and a wealth of knowledge. The show demonstrates what it takes to acquire and intensively manage property to produce trophy animals most hunters can only dream of.

The dream of owning land that doubles as both an investment and a great place to hunt attracts a broad audience. To reach as many people as possible, Whitetail Properties TV has bundled their television airtime on several networks, airing multiple times per week to reach millions of households nationwide on a weekly basis.

Each episode of WPTV features an exciting hunt, while illuminating the benefits and virtues of owning a slice of the dream. The hunting action is intense, up-close, and in your-face, while the hunt breakdown and property reviews are both informative and entertaining. Property owners and managers around the country can apply this information to transform their land into a whitetail hunter’s dream

In addition to the hunt, each episode educates viewers about buying, selling, owning and managing recreational ground, along with four featured property video listings. Within the show is a tip segment designed to educate viewers about all aspects of managing, maintaining and improving property for both hunting and investment purposes.


The Whitetail Properties website is the central location for buyers and sellers nationwide to congregate, and to ultimately turn their dreams into reality. The website features over 500 of the best farms, agricultural, recreational and hunting properties available for purchase in the U.S.

WhitetailProperties.com is a state of the art website that includes streaming video from the Whitetail Properties television show and highlights our property listings. The website is full of high resolution photography and the latest in aerial imagery, as well as in-depth property profiles and Land Specialist biographies.


Whitetail Properties has a very aggressive print advertisement campaign, at a grassroots level as well as on a national scale, focused on getting our property listings in front of hundreds of thousands of potential buyers. Our ads are strategically placed in local markets throughout the country to not only help obtain listings and facilitate property sales, but to also make our presence known in these markets.