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Whitetail Properties TV

Whitetail Properties TV is a show designed to excite and educate the viewer about owning and managing farmland to grow and hold giant whitetails. Whitetail Properties TV provides viewers a unique blend of hunting, land management and featured high-quality hunting properties for sale.  Within each episode of WP TV, these three key elements are combined into a solid format that is both entertaining and educational. Owning a prime piece of hunting property is every hunter’s dream. Our goal at Whitetail Properties is to turn land ownership dreams to reality.

Each episode features an exciting hunt for giant whitetails, while illuminating the benefits and virtues of owning a slice of dreamland. The hunting action is intense and up-close, while the Hunt Breakdown segment is informative and entertaining.  Viewers who already own hunting property learn from our team of professionals the techniques to enhance their land with time-tested management practices. Within the show we detail how we utilize the lay of the land, how we deploy trail cameras, where to hang tree-stands, and food plot strategies. For viewers who are interested in owning hunting property, our team explains what to look for when selecting a property for growing and holding trophy whitetails. Our goal is to leave no secrets veiled and no stones unturned when it comes to educating our viewers about why each hunt was successful, based on our principals of land ownership and management.

Properties featured in each episode of WP TV are available for purchase exclusively at whitetailproperties.com; a website providing viewers the ultimate opportunity to find the acreage of their dreams. Whitetail Properties features recreational lands well suited to a variety of game species including whitetails, mule deer, turkey and waterfowl.

Full-length episodes of Whitetail Properties TV can be viewed at whitetailproperties.com and realtree.tv.