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Wind Direction

As most experienced hunters know, wind direction is very important when you’re out on your South Carolina Hunting land looking for big bucks.  We also know how strong a deer’s sense of smell is and how quickly wind can give you away to them.

Many times, the best buck sign will be found along a creek, in a hollow, ravine, deep draw, or canyon.  Unfortunately, wind direction is very unpredictable in these areas since it follows the contour of the terrain, just like the water.  When wind blows into a hollow, it strikes the opposite slope making it swirl or blow back in the other direction.  This type of wind direction is not good and it is advisable to just stay out of hollows or areas where you will almost certainly be caught.

If the buck sign in that hollow is just too hard to resist, check it out to be sure you have a chance.  You can test wind direction by using a plastic puffer bottle filled with baking soda.  This method is better than a flame from a lighter or a string because you can watch the powder floating in the breeze for a good distance.

During the offseason, the absolute best way to determine if the wind in that hollow will cooperate is to hang a stand in a tree and release a smoke bomb.  If the red colored smoke circles back and never leaves the area, you will know that there is no way you won’t get busted there and therefore, cannot hunt it.  If you’re lucky, you also might find that no matter which way the wind is blowing that the red smoke goes out and almost straight up, making it impossible for you to get winded.

The best wind direction is a steady crosswind about 5-10 miles an hour, which is one that is almost wrong, so don’t be afraid to take risks as long as they’re smart.  Wind direction can be tricky but with a little effort and work in the offseason, you can be very knowledgeable about the wind on your South Carolina hunting property, giving you the best chance at bagging a big buck.