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Equipment every landowner and manager needs.



It is impossible to maintain adequate hunting and recreational land without equipment. Some small some not so small. Understanding that not everyone has an unlimited budget, here is a list of items everyone should have to properly maintain their land.

1. Chainsaw – We will be running a series on chainsaws shortly, but this is one piece of equipment that everyone needs and it should be one that will take a lot of work. Do not waste your money and buy a “residential” saw. I have been told by reliable reps, that the residential saws are built to stop running at around 100 hours of engine life. As a land owner or manager you will far exceed this in short order. Just maintaining roads and trails will exceed this. Get a good one with a long bar. More on that later.

2. Weedeater – line trimmer, string trimmer, weed wacker, whatever you want to call it, it is indispensable on your land. From the obvious of trimming around camp to clearing shooting lanes of tall grasses. Get one that can handle a small saw blade for removing woody vegetation.

3. Pole saw – an extendable pole saw is so handy when it comes to cutting shooting lanes. These extendable saws can reach up to twenty feet and offer a great aid in reaching that one limb that will deflect an arrow. I like the Condor brand that goes to twenty feet. But even though it says it will go twenty feet, it’s more like eighteen. But still a handy device.

4. Loppers or Pruners – these handy tools have removed limbs, small trees and brush for decades. I prefer the ones with extendable handles. They offer more leverage and longer reach.

5. Bush Axe – this tool is so valuable but seldom used. It is the best tool for those items that are over head in tight places. The bush axe offers a curved cutting head that will grab while cutting.

6. Machete – a good sharp machete is a great tool for all sorts of things. I always carry one while scouting to remove small limbs and briars. It is a great tool for clearing out access lanes to stands. Cutting away all limbs that could make contact with you or your clothing is essential for access lanes to stands.

7. Sprayer: Whether it is a tank sprayer, backpack sprayer or one for your ATV. The need to spray weed and brush control is vital. These sprayers can also double as fertilizer sprayers if cleaned properly. I would recommend nothing smaller than the three gallon size, bit the five to fifteen gallon is more suited.

You don’t need a large budget to maintain your property. These simple tools that many of us already have will provide years of excellent service and help to keep your property looking as it should.