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5 Herbicides Every Landowner Owner Needs To Know

  NOTE:  Today’s story is from the Quality Deer Management Association. They published this story a few weeks ago on their website. I already had this same topic scheduled to discuss here, rather than rewriting what Mr. Grossman said and basically say the same thing, I thought it prudent … [Read more...]

Chainsaws for Landowners

  In the last post we discussed equipment every landowner must have in order to maintain their property effectively. One of the items on the list is a chainsaw. Let’s look at some of the considerations when choosing a chainsaw for land managing and recreational property … [Read more...]

Equipment every landowner and manager needs.

    It is impossible to maintain adequate hunting and recreational land without equipment. Some small some not so small. Understanding that not everyone has an unlimited budget, here is a list of items everyone should have to properly maintain their land. 1. Chainsaw – We will … [Read more...]

Selecting the best UTV

    UTV, Side by side, machine, whatever you call it, they have in many ways revolutionized the way work gets done on the farm and hunting lands. The term, UTV stands for Utility Vehicle. A derivative of the ATV (All-terrain vehicle) the UTV changes the game in many ways. First is … [Read more...]

Best ATV for Hunters

Best ATV for hunters is a Pandora’s Box that I cannot believe I am jumping into. Yet, here I go. This post and the next will look at some of the things hunters and land owners should consider when looking for an ATV for their property and usage. To begin with, we will not look at individual … [Read more...]

Last Chance Toms

  Turkey season is closing down fast. Many hunters have had great seasons, and others are still trying to fill that last tag before the season closes on May 5th. For those who are looking for that last chance gobbler, here are some pointers to help get that last day bird. First is the … [Read more...]

Mastering the Scratch Box Call

Perhaps just after the use of the wingbone in the annuals of turkey hunting, the next ‘man made’ call to be used is what is referred to as the scratch box. Personally I am not sure why it is called a scratch box, but who am I to argue with the name of a turkey call. I still do not understand how … [Read more...]

Mastering the Wingbone & Trumpet Call

  Perhaps the oldest call ever used is the wingbone. It has been argued that this call was originally fashioned by some Native Americans a few millennia ago. Obviously it is hard to document these things, but there is some evidence that it was used many hundreds of years before any of … [Read more...]

Mastering the Tube Call

  Search through a dedicated turkey hunter’s vest and it is doubtful you will find a tube call. It may be one of the rarest calls found in a vest. Personal opinion is that few even know what a tube call is because they are not mass produced by the major call manufacturers. And secondly, … [Read more...]

Mastering the Box Call

  If someone were to ask, “what type of call has killed more turkeys than any other?” the immediate answer would be, the box call. This simple little device has caused more tom turkeys to fall to the hunter’s gun than any other. Some would argue, that the box call has lured more … [Read more...]