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Hunting Land Values

There are many different uses for vacant land. What you purchase for yourself as hunting property in the Carolinas or Georgia may also have income or tax break potential. When searching for hunting land for sale, you should consider all aspects to the property. All of these factors enhance the value of hunting properties.
First, particularly if hunting is your number one priority, you’ll want to check the property for sporting quality. There are many factors that affect the sporting quality of hunting land, although you will be able to positively influence some of them if they don’t meet your standards for quality deer management. Some of these factors include variety, quantity and quality of wildlife, the quality of habitat (including the land and water on the property), control and access to the property, availability of tags and adjacency to public land.
Second, you may want to consider the possibility of your hunting land producing income for you now or in the future. With the global demand for food products and rising commodity prices, there has been a real increase in demand for income-producing properties. Crop production sales are a huge pull for investors, along with the safety of investing in real property.
Finally, strong conservation values enhance the value of hunting land. Protected natural elements such as pristine scenery and wildlife help sustain property values and attract new investors. Landowners can take advantage of their properties’ conservation values through conservation easements. Conservation easements can provide many advantages to a hunting land owner including federal income tax breaks, real estate ad valorem tax breaks, estate planning and family heritage preservation, and land value enhancements due to adjacency to protected land.