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Post Season Plans

Any serious hunter knows that success in the next season’s deer hunting is dependent on this winter’s scouting efforts.  You will certainly regret it if you don’t take advantage of post season scouting out on your South Carolina hunting land this winter.

The buck you missed last season is now in his post rut mode.  He still uses the same travel routes and probably is still displaying most of the same habits he had near the end of the season last year.  Shredded trees and beaten down trails from bedding areas to food sources will not only give you an idea of what last season was like, it is a prediction of the coming season as well.

During this post season, reacquaint yourself with your deer hunting land.  Right now is such a good time to walk your land, since visibility is the greatest now, with barren ground and leafless timber.  There is likely less underbrush to hide big buck refuges.  You will now be able to see the entire lay of your land including deer trails, bedding areas, and travel corridors.  Walk as much of the bucks core areas as possible.  Locate secondary food sources, note specific travel routes, pinch points, funnel situations, etc.  Rubbed trees and old scrapes should stand out now and be easy to see.

Most importantly, it won’t matter if you jump deer out of their beds during this time in the post season. It’s also a good time to do any building you plan to do before next season, such as permanent structures or anything that you would normally wait to do until after deer season.  Use this time to get to know your land as well as possible to plan for next season.