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SCDNR Closes WMA Lands and Cancels Draw Hunts

SCDNR CLOSES WMA in response to Hurricane Matthew


The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has closed the following WMA properties until further notice in response to hurricane Matthew.

  • The following Wildlife Managment Areas are closed until further notice:
    • Palachucola WMA
    • Hamilton Ridge WMA
    • Webb WMA
    • Donnelley WMA
    • Bear Island WMA
    • Botany Bay Plantation WMA
    • Bonneau Ferry WMA
    • Edisto River WMA
    • Dungannon Plantation HP/WMA
    • Great Pee Dee HP/WMA
    • Santee Coastal Reserve WMA
    • Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage Preserve

In Addition, the following draw hunts have been cancelled. If you were drawn for one of these hunts please take notice of their cancellation.

  • Draw hunt applicants will be contacted in the event of cancellations
    • Donnelley WMA lottery deer hunt cancelled (Oct. 10-12)
    • Palachucola deer hunt cancelled (Oct. 13-15)
    • Webb Center hunt cancelled (Oct. 12)
    • Webb Dove hunt cancelled (Oct. 12)


Hurricane Matthew has wrecked the Pee Dee region and the entire lowcountry of South Carolina. With historic flooding occurring in Marion county among others. Wildlife will be at a high risk of survival during the next several months.


for a full list go to; http://www.dnr.sc.gov/