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A day behind some Hounds

    The morning air was not as crisp as most February mornings. An unusually warm winter has things kind of in disarray. The hounds however were anxious to be let out of their box and begin the day. The sun was just cracking over the tops of the trees in the distance. The … [Read more...]

Squirrel Hunting Basics

  As February rolls around, hunters and land managers are getting anxious about getting into the woods with a gun in your hand. For this time of year, few things are as fun as squirrel hunting. It is a low pressure affair. In most areas the eastern grey squirrel is in abundance, and … [Read more...]

Best of SHOT SHOW part 2

Best of SHOT show part 2, is really harder to narrow down than the first list. There are so many excellent products that finding the best is difficult. This list attempts to cover a variety or budgets and needs. Sitka Gear – Sub Alpine apparel I know I had Sitka in the first list, but this … [Read more...]

Best of SHOT Show Part 1

SHOT SHOW 2017 is a wrap for me and like always, I have put together a list of the items I saw that impressed me the most. Granted, I did not see everything and I am sure I missed some excellent products. Next year, I will stay longer and attempt the impossible and see it all. Here is a run down … [Read more...]

Feral Hogs Part 2

  Hunting feral hogs is one of the fastest growing past times among hunters. It is believed by many that this is THE greatest factor in the rapid spread of the feral hog across the southeast and elsewhere. As hunters began transplanting hogs from areas where they had traditionally lived to … [Read more...]

Feral Swine Part 1

  Land managers and owners have a love hate relationship with feral swine. Some of the land owners hate them and others love them. But it seems the ones that love them now, will soon learn to hate them. Feral swine have become a lucrative business in recent years. Plantations that used to … [Read more...]

Shed Hunting

Over the past few years – perhaps longer than I remember. The casual opportunity of finding a deer antler shed has grown into a national obsession. Some states have actual seasons where the land is closed for shed hunting until a certain date and people line up days ahead of time to get into the … [Read more...]

Woodcock Hunting

  Woodcock is quite the odd fellow. Small in stature, barely topping five ounces for bigger females and considerably less for the diminutive males. And to say he is a handsome bird is, well, generous. When it comes to wingshooting in the Carolina’s, few can match the excitement and when … [Read more...]

Begin Predator Control Now

Begin Predator Control Now   As deer season winds down, hunters and land managers are turning their attention to preparations for next season. (It seems to never end). Part of that preparation is a plan to remove predators from your property to improve recruitment rates for your … [Read more...]

Put and Take Quail Hunting

    Put and Take Quail Hunting is something that doesn’t sit well with purists. The thought of hunting and shooting pen raised birds just goes against the grain of everything we have been taught about fair chase. Or so it seems. I have known a handful of men in my life who … [Read more...]