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Mastering the Pot Call

  Also known as the slate call, the Pot call is one of the simplest calls to begin fooling turkeys. The pot call uses a piece of slats, glass, crystal, ceramic, aluminum, etc. as a striking surface and a piece of wood or carbon as a striker to mimic the sound of a turkey. By holding the … [Read more...]

Mastering the Diaphragm Call

The diaphragm call is a great tool for those who know how to use it effectively. For those that do not – it is a choking hazard. Of all the calls we will look at this month, this may be the most difficult to master and yet it is one of the more popular. Its popularity arises in its lack of … [Read more...]

The Best Vest

  Turkey hunters and fly fishermen have the same problem. Their vests are so specific they are not good for anything else. Most weight anywhere between fifteen and twenty pounds with gear. An assortment of box calls, pot calls and a dozen strikers. Trumpet calls, wingbone, diaphragms of all … [Read more...]

The Great Inch Debate

  A few years ago I did a video on my YouTube channel that I titled “Why I do Not Shoot 3 ½” shells” The plethora of comments on the negative side has far outweighed those on the positive side. It is interesting to note that I had an injured shoulder and used a large pad to protect … [Read more...]

Optics for Turkey Guns

Optics for Turkey Guns   In the world of turkey hunting shotguns, there are three primary options for optics. We will look at all three and see which one is best for you and your situation. First is the traditional bead. Most turkey guns come with some sort of fiber optic sight on the … [Read more...]

Sorting Our Gear

  Each spring a ritual ensues. It is a passage of time that brings memories to the forefront of my mind and seems to bring with it a sense of melancholy and joy at the same time. It is that time of year that I dig through all of my hunting stuff and begin to put together my turkey hunting … [Read more...]

Opening Day Turkeys

  Opening day of the 2017 turkey season is promising to be a new adventure. For the first time in recent memory, there will be a state wide opening day for all private lands. March 20th is the earliest the turkey season has ever opened in most of the state. While, in the low country, it is … [Read more...]

New Legislation for Sportsmen

  Hunter everywhere need to celebrate the appointment of Secretary Zinke to the Department of the Interior. On his first full day in office, Secretary Zinke issued two secretarial orders reversing the Obama’s eleventh hour order to ban all lead ammunition from Public lands and to restrict … [Read more...]

Understanding Animal Movement Patterns

    A few decades ago when I began my foray into the outdoors, I did not have a mentor to show me the ropes. My dad had little to no interest in the outdoors that did not involve a little white ball he chased around. My interest were not the same and I found every waking moment … [Read more...]

Start Now Planning for Deer Season

It is never too early to start planning for the coming deer season. Never. By beginning your planning now, you can get a head start on many projects that will need attention as the spring gets going and the summer approaches. Cutting shooting lanes, moving stands, building stands all need … [Read more...]